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Prompt Payment Code

BPFI is pleased to support the Prompt Payment Code (the Code), a code of practice which was first launched in 2015 and which seeks to encourage and promote best practice between organisations and their suppliers.

Developed by business for business with the aim of improving cashflow and moving towards a culture of prompt payment, the Code is supported by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI), and driven by its partners, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME), the Small Firms Association (SFA), the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC), Chambers Ireland and BPFI.

By signing up to the Code and pledging to pay on time, businesses are providing their suppliers with cashflow certainty. This cashflow certainty means businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers, confident that they will be paid on time.

Pledge to Pay Promptly

It only takes 2 minutes to pledge your support and become a signatory to the Code. This is the start of developing a culture of prompt payment in Ireland.

Promote your Business

Wear your prompt payment badge with pride. Tell other businesses that you’ve pledged to pay promptly and stand out amongst your competitors.

Everyone Benefits

Payment certainty and getting paid on time is essential to all businesses in Ireland. By pledging to pay on time, you’re doing your part to encourage best practice for all companies and suppliers.

  • Late payments undermine small businesses.
  • Signing up to the Code sends out a positive message to suppliers.
  • Paying on time is the right thing to do and will help mprove the cashflow between vendors and suppliers
  • Becoming a signatory to the Code means you can include the Prompt Payment seal in your communications and stationery letting potential suppliers, partners and staff know that you are committed to paying promptly to help businesses thrive in Ireland.

For further information on the Code or to become a signatory  click here, or visit