Federation of International Banks in Ireland (FIBI)

The Federation of International Banks in Ireland (FIBI) is the principal voice of the international banking and financial services sector in Ireland. An affiliate of BPFI, the Federation members include many of the largest financial service providers in the world and collectively employ almost ten thousand people in Ireland.

We help to build exchanges between our members, our members and regulators and policy makers, and our members and the FinTech community to create actionable insights.

  • Firms located in Ireland provide Financial Services to every major economy in the world.
  •  International banks, investment managers, insurers, aircraft leasing operators and an array of other financial firms employ over 44,000 people and contribute €2.3bn each year in taxes.
  • 17 of the top 20 global banks are based here employed thousands of people.

The FIBI Council decides on the strategic direction of FIBI and includes CEOs/Managing Directors of Barclays Bank Ireland, Citibank Europe, Wells Fargo, Scotia Bank, HSBC, TD Securities, ING, LGT Bank Ireland, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Bank of Ireland, AIB and Bank of Montreal and many others. FIBI is chaired by Fernando Vicario, CEO of Bank of America Europe DAC and Country Executive for Ireland.

What FIBI does

The interests of FIBI members are facilitated through four broad areas of activity:

  • Representation and promotion of common interests.
  • Member engagement and support.
  • Information and intelligence on banking matters.
  • Interaction with key stakeholders and policy makers.

It is our goal to promote a supportive environment for FIBI members focusing on:

  • Regulation Management – Proportionality and consistency in the development and application of regulation.
  • Competitive Environment – A cost competitive environment conducive to good business.
  • Business Development – Policy and regulatory framework that facilitates expansion in existing operations and attracts new business.
  • Knowledge Sharing – A framework for efficient dissemination of information to our members.
  • Promotion of Ireland/IFSC as a location – Active promotion of initiatives that support the development of our members and Ireland as a location for financial services.

Interested in joining FIBI?

Should you require any additional details on FIBI or on becoming a member please contact Ian Murphy, Interim Head of Capital Markets via the button below.