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Banking sector signs Sustainable Finance National Statement of Intent

Statement aims to contribute towards promoting and developing sustainable financing in Ireland.

Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) has signed the Sustainable Finance National Statement of Intent which aims to contribute towards promoting and developing sustainable financing in Ireland. Coordinated by Sustainable National Ireland, the signing took place as part of Climate Finance Week and ESG Day, which brought a host of global experts together at events across Dublin to discuss best practice in furthering the environmental, social and governance agenda.

The statement, which has been signed by BPFI along with a number of key representative bodies in the financial arena recognises the positive role of the capital markets in relation to climate action and makes a number of commitments which include:

  • Promoting the debate about sustainability and the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities at the level of their governing bodies and with their members, so that such risks and opportunities are considered when defining their strategies;
  • Promoting training in sustainable financing, non-financial information and sustainability challenges, among its members and employees;
  • Support Ireland’s hosting of the UN Environment Financial Centres for Sustainability European node;
  • Reporting back on sector wide activity as part of Ireland’s third Climate Finance Week, November 2020.

Speaking on the significance of the statement Brian Hayes, CEO, BPFI said: “In signing the statement of intent BPFI is setting out its firm commitment to work with its counterparts across the financial spectrum to promote the debate on sustainable finance at a wider level but also within the banking industry at governance level within our member banks.

Ireland is in a unique position to become a leading green finance hub as well as to  our part in de-carbonising the economy and supporting the government’s climate action plan, due to committed local banks and access to the expertise of global banking who are leaders in their field. 

BPFI has been working closely with its members on sustainable finance for some time now who see this area as a priority in terms of both understanding and adapting to climate risk and developing a framework to deliver viable green products and services.”


Notes: Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) represents the banking, payments and fintech sector in Ireland.  Together with its affiliates, the Federation of International Banks in Ireland and the Fintech & Payments Association of Ireland, BPFI has some 100 member institutions and associates, including licensed domestic and foreign banks and institutions operating in the financial marketplace here.

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